Turtle Dove explores tales of REAL love. A heart-warming, candid and witty show that celebrates all forms of love and touches on life’s heartaches.

Made from interviews with people of all ages and sexualities this work brings their honesty and secrets to life through dance and theatre. 

Produced in association with Lîla Dance

Supported by The Point, Eastleigh

Funded by Arts Council England

Dramaturgy by Nick Walker, writer for BBC1 Drama 

Original sound score by Dougie Evans

Photo by Amber Tanc

Photo by Amber Tanc

"To voiceovers from people of different genders, ages and sexual orientations, the dancers take up different roles until they seem unbound from their own bodies, instead channelling love itself. “Love itself” becomes rather a practical matter: responding to another, keeping connection, accepting difference. It appears in a memory recalled, in a shiver of anticipation, in energy and in space (“I’m very up and down, he’s more level”). Lovely but not laboured, Turtle Dove is genuinely heart-warming."

Sanjoy Roy


“Joy, thrills and tears, stories of love… Through movement and dance, beautiful feelings, wonderful evening.” - Audience member 

“Beautifully observed, gracefully crafted and gorgeous sound design. Loved it!” - Audience member

“An absolutely beautiful, funny and poignant performance” - Audience member

“An emotive, powerful and relatable performance” - Vicki Hargreaves [Creative programme producer at The Point] 



Amy Morvell & Joe Darby


Turtle Dove is an intimate and thoughtful duet. Set to the voiceover recordings of individuals recalling heart-warming, funny, and tear-jerkingly sweet moments shared with their partners, the piece highlights the unique universality of “love”.

Wen Amanda Koh



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